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Hi[edit | edit source]

User:Lost-Blue/My_skills File:Giga's_Lost-Blue_Magic_Card.jpg File:Lost-Bluemtgcardbyfelix.jpg

Still alive[edit | edit source]

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Species: Human
Ritualist-icon.png Profession: Ritualist Mesmer-icon.png Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 15

Skills Used[edit | edit source]

Ritualist-icon.png This user is a Ritualist by nature.
Hate This user hates his life but loves others <3.
My Pulsating Heart.gif My pulsating heart that was beating for you was crushed yesterday.
Bloody Lotus.jpg Deadly Beauty.
Heart Pain.jpg This user suffers from chronic chest pain induced by stress and depression. This user has one as he is typing.
My horrible heart.jpg This user is in love but is not loved back.

Unknown This user has had an unknown mental disease since birth. How long can something stay undiagnosed?
GW:AD This user aspires to be a Guild Wiki Admin.
Cabbage.jpg Cabbage, go eat it.
Way of the Master.jpg This user thinks Ent.,Zulu, and Isk8 are cool.
Tease.jpg This user loves Amy Lee so much that he fails to recognize that Amy Lee got married.
15 This user is 15.
Bull's Charge.jpg This user lives in Texas.

Mesmer Dominating Earth

Character-Dominating Earth.jpg

Dervish Grenths Fate

Character-Grenths Fate.jpg

Ritualist Spirit Spite

Character-Spirit Spite.jpg

Paragon Devout Protector

Character-Devout Protector.jpg

Monk Angel Grasp

Character-Angel Grasp.jpg

Assassin FoxShroud


NA-icon-small.png T A S C