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Sodomize me!

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Mendel Babbyeater
"I love the tender flesh of the young!"

This is what mendel does in his spare time (Try and read between the lines)
Mendel: The Early Years
Image:Suicidal_Tendencie/Violence.gif Image:Suicidal_Tendencie/Calm_Mendel.gif Image:45ah7.gif
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Hi, I am mendel. I play Guild Wars on all 4 campaigns casually, going for Drunkard (= scraping), following the meta, failing all side quests, looking up all builds on PvX and abusing consumables. More time on the wiki = less time for Guild Wars. I only play PvP. I have no powers here on GuildWiki; whether I also have admin wisdom remains to be proven. However, I did manage to get my DEX over 9000!!!!! I can jump over trees. (Believe it) Who am I?

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booger If we are going to crash, then I want to go out in style, doing things my way and following my heart. Entropy, 3 Nov 08
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As in any good traditional commercial, here are some quotes badly ripped out of context to make them appear more favorable than they originally were. Sorted in reverse chronological order.

dump index procrastination puppetsadgnrsttwww

There are three things all wise men fear: the sea in storm, a night with no moon, and the anger of a gentle man.

Patrick's sequel to "The Name of the Wind" is called "The Wise Man's Fear", and it's finally out.

For an interesting webcomic statement on books vs. electronic media see here.

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Michael Mendelsohn · Miguel El Mendson · More languages...

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