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User:Mendel/Controversy Guide

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Sometimes you just need some controversy and wikidrama, but there just isn't any available. Here are some suggestions on how to make that happen. [To do: provide links to examples, extend lists]

change the operation paradigm[edit | edit source]

Admin promotion[edit | edit source]

  • suggest an obviously unsuited admin for promotion, preferably one whose RfA has failed before
  • promote an admin who gets into bitter fights with other editors
  • promote an admin who has no community support
  • promote an admin that one of the bureaucrats opposes [1][2]

borderline edit actions[edit | edit source]

  • move a page to a totally different topic, state a reason that sounds sane
  • delete / undelete a page that has a 1% chance of being an article and not a hoax, citing GW:AGF Talk:Acorns

policy disputes[edit | edit source]

user page design[edit | edit source]

  • post fake pictures
  • post revealing pictures
  • post a gallery of Boobies A-F-starter.jpg

inflammatory topics[edit | edit source]

  • discuss an ArenaNet employee's sexual preferences based on information that later turned out to be wrong
  • claim the death of the wiki [6]