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It is OK to edit this article, even though it is in the user namespace!

In fact, you may edit it mercilessly. As a courtesy, please keep the original direction of the article in mind.

I have more ideas than I can possibly work on - feel free to take one (or more) and run with it. In fact, I'll be glad to help you out as much as I can. If you think you want one of these un-procrastinated in the near future, drop a note on my talk page and I'll see what I can do.

writing[edit | edit source]

  • rewrite/check weapon S&F (template use, cats)
  • bow article rewrite (merge bow classes articles and redirect)
  • edit Passage Scroll into a coherent article
  • check/clean up Artisan
  • storyline overview (how are the campaigns connected, henchmen, ...)
  • historic note for unyielding aura
  • references pages/lists
  • S&F templates, template overview GuildWiki:Style and formatting/Skill display
  • some policies GW:ULC GW:POLICY new RfA template?
  • Policy about wiki discourse, including YAV and STUPID
  • write Wiki orientation article, and a guide to the special pages
  • add tips to GuildWiki:RC patrol
  • S&F: go over main s&f (e.g. disambig), maybe add page about game updates
  • Galleries: Signposts, Children
  • annotated Special Pages list

Template work[edit | edit source]

  • Wiki projects template
  • Language feature
  • userbox for userlevels User:Tomoko/Experience Title
  • on-wiki storeh (collaborative writing game)
  • data dictionary: what templates are called with what attribute values
  • trade system Banana Scythe/trade -> User:King Of Yuri
  • trader price history Special:Prefixindex/Trader_price
  • merged split skill pages
  • cloaking on self-substituting template, maths on drop research
  • Monster skills Template:Skillset
  • fully automate QR pages
  • skill template decoder/encoder using only wikicode
  • solve infobox class conundrum (fixed width vs. auto <-> shortcut, location box2)
  • musicbox2 using video: namespace
  • Forum:Coding userbox
  • Editing tips for the widget / or a random display
  • Phase out Template:Y in favor of Template:Yup

Lists/dump work[edit | edit source]

technical[edit | edit source]

  • see Category:Ugly Hacks (yay! I got a category for procrastinated technical solutions!)
  • contact GWLP (Guild Wars LAN Project) about chat logger
  • CSS fix for DPL columns table
  • figure out how the redwall wiki keeps the left column from pushing behind the right (unlike warriors wiki)
  • learn javascript, code "language" links
  • convert RTs irc page to monaco
  • Colors User:M.mendel/Colors
  • find a way to work with the 8GB full history dump
  • total CSS mod with skillbar on right
  • put birthday dates on watchlist or recent changes
  • SMW noughts and crosses

misc[edit | edit source]

Finished projects[edit | edit source]

On the whole, I ain't doing too bad with my procrastination project! :)

See also[edit | edit source]

If I want to do something, but still procrastinate my own projects, I can go here: