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My Templates[edit | edit source]

These are harm- and useless:

Usage: {{Merged skill|display template|skill name}}


  • User talk:M.mendel/archiveline = ­­­­◦­­­­­­­­ [[User:mendel/Talk_Archive_{{{1|1}}}#{{{2|}}}|{{{3|{{{2|''example''}}}}}}]]
  • /nowrap = <onlyinclude><span style="white-space:nowrap;">{{{1}}}</span></onlyinclude>


See User:M.mendel/Wikibase for these two:

  • /Get = {{{ {{{1|}}}| }}}
  • /GetFrom = {{trim|1={{#explode: {{#explode: {{#sub: {{msgnw: {{{1}}} }}|{{#pos: {{lc: {{msgnw: {{{1}}} }} }}|&#124; {{lc:{{{2}}}}}}}|0}}|&#124;|1}}|{{=}}|1}}}}
  • /Quote = work in progress on Template:Quote
  • /t2d converts a table to dialogue div format; usage is a bit kludgy, though
  • /t2d2 little robot helper for d2t

"They killed Kenny!" Oh noes!


Template Tests[edit | edit source]

[[{{fullurle:Template:{{{name}}}|action=edit}} edit skill details]][[{{fullurle:Template:{{{name}}} (PvP)|action=edit}} edit PvP skill details]]

Skill details[edit | edit source]

Campaign: [[{{{campaign}}}]]
Profession: None
Attribute: Unlinked
Type: [[{{{type}}}]]

PvE: {{{description}}}


Concise Description (PvE): {{{concise_description}}}


The big idea now is to make a "Template:Skill box data" that takes all parameters and puts them into a big string with a nice separator such as "$". Then I call that with another template, maybe {{ /mergePvEvP | /displayPvEvP | {{Lightning Orb|data}} | {{Lightning Orb (PvP)|data}} }} and then mergePvEvP calls displayPvEvP with a long parameter list that has been extracted from the big strings using explode. DisplayPvEvP will then display a merged skill description for both skills, and of course anybody could use their own display function. Maybe I'll just copy Shadowcrest's. Muahahaha.

Automagically extracting the Notes from the main articles is then left as a minor exercise to finish up. ;-)

Statistics for Blinding Surge as of now:

Pre-expand include size: 80600/2097152 bytes
Post-expand include size: 39809/2097152 bytes
Template argument size: 150530/2097152 bytes
#ifexist count: 0/100 

Template argument size seems critical, so no more than 10 of these on a single page. mendel 11:19, 30 May 2008 (UTC)

awk Scripts[edit | edit source]

To extract all attributes from a template, or a number of templates all concatenated into a big file. Manually delete everything to just before the first {{{ .

BEGIN{RS="{{{"; FS="}}}"}

{ sub("\\|.*", "", $1);
  if (attr[$1]==0) {attr[$1]=1; print $1;} }