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This user "Mr Prash" prefers to use the enhanced profile.

I am a Mesmer by heart... I am also wikitarded SEMI I AM NOW SEMI WIKITARDED

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You know you play video games to much when...[edit | edit source]

Your driving behind a really slow driver and you say to yourself "fuckin noobs."

What I'm up to now.[edit | edit source]

Scrapped the destroyer gauntlets and bought Dragon gauntlets fro my mesmer instead. saving up for my obsidian armor. Farming superb Charr carvings

Freaky dream I had[edit | edit source]

I was on the wiki and all the ads were replaced by shexy pr0ns and I was trying to report them but it wouldnt work. But then for some reason the shexy pr0ns took up my entire window right at the moment my family walked into the room. Then I had a dream about lying on some pavement in the sun.