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Hey, just starting the page and I'm not real putting it in any real order atm.

My life[edit | edit source]

Not worth talking about: not that it's totally insignificant, you just wouldn't believe what my last two years have been like (I'm 20, so 2 years basically defines my life). E.g. I'm a Nicuraguan spy infiltrating America to plan on stealing it's recipe of StarBucks coffee. You dont believe that hopefully lol. However, no acts of SuperVillainy or aspirations of global domination are planned by me. For THAT sort of thing contact User:Crazytreeboy my best friend :)

Cool Web Sites[edit | edit source]

This is where I'll place all the cool web sites I know. Here's the ones I remember off the top of my head is a beta test game. I quit it cause the creator of the game and admins aren't really monitoring how the game works for newbies. As the months rolled on, newbies came but eventually never got anywhere. Look into it tho its cool) dont fuck with big boss
LOL wow.. this comic gets funnier by the page...

Builds of Note[edit | edit source]

I like making builds for Guildwiki, some of them work, some of them dont. Here's a list of the interesting ones:

Build:Team - Frozen Feet (used to work despite the unfavored tag, now it doesn't due to the dimwitted second nerf on gale)
Build:Team - Rampage

My guild[edit | edit source]

I currently have no guild. And I'm quitting GW temporarily till I can find a halfway decent one on the forums. I've unlocked every skill I find worthwhile (I even unlocked primal rage lol). I've observed a bunch of guilds and I believe I'd fit best in a rank 300+ guild, so I refuse to go play in 2000 rank guilds that can't teach me anything any more than what not to do.

Currently I'm in a french guild rank 157 and their monks don't even meet up to my standards :( My quest for a good guild shall never end.

Left contrat sur ta tete, I actually got myself kicked right before trying to leave tho heh. They're such a bunch of idiots. They lost to 4 players and 4 heroes, the two monks they faced had both healing breeze??? Then they start noob calling each other in vent what a joke. How did they get to rank 160?! 99.5% of guilds in guild wars terrible??? Cause that's how the math turns out. Please join my sign up!!!!!! I dont want to have to sift through 100 crappy guilds till I find one with decent players.

I am starting a new guild sign-upFor experienced players only. Anyways here's a link to that [1]

We currently have 12.5% signatures needed to be created!

Guild created way early, but since we're clobbering top 500 guilds with 3 guests I think we'll be kicking ass in top 100 in a few weeks.

Tips for the budding pvpers[edit | edit source]

Never use these skills in pvp, explanations to be added (** means some future chapter/buff may give a use for it because the skill is unique):

Cyclone Axe:Rarely will enemies be grouped around a warrior
Penetrating Blow:Inferior damage to power attack in ALL (yes all) situations
Triple Chop:see cyclone axe
"I Will Avenge You!":attack speed should not be dependent on dead allies since allies should be assumed to be alive while the build isn't sucking
Dolyak Signet:Warriors have little need for protection and need to be agile to attack fleeing foes
Primal Rage**:Doesn't stack with speed boosting stances so you end up with a powerful snail
Signet of Stamina:prot is better for non warriors, endure pain for warriors
Signet of Strength**:Warriors are about spiking and forcing your opponents to take hits. this does neither
Hundred Blades**: See sun and moon slash, a rarely used non-elite
Gladiator's Defense:Warriors don't need protection, protection prayers are better for casters
Skull Crack:You will never hit a kiting (fleeing) foe with this interrupt
Otyugh's Cry:pets need no protection because nobody attacks them
Revive Animal:^
Symbiosis:When it does, so you do you. Instantly.(**in ra perhaps, where the spike from people killing it is low)
Archer's Signet:If you have the expertise to use this, yo udont need it
Expert's Dexterity:Serpesnt's quickness is simply better, as are a few other non-elite skills
Marksman's WagerPrepared Shot
Arcing Shot:this will land a compass away from your target
Penetrating Attack:Inferior damage to power shot in all cases (yes all)
Power Shot:Savage shot makes this a joke(buffed attack.. but not shot?.. proof anet has drunken parties)
Called Shot:It's only use is to make dazed opponents that much more screwed. They're screwed anyways
Boon SignetIn PvP, a monk cannot afford to waste consistent portions of his time using skills like this for small gain, when doing so can cause him to miss a spike and have a dead character
Divine Healing:Too slow. You will be dead by the time this gets off
Heaven's Delight:^^
Withdraw Hexes:Adjacent is too small. If you are lucky enough to have it work on multiple characters, it will be worthless for too long.
Mending:see Mending Refrain, a skill which allows you to have this effect on your whole party with 0 maintenance
Supportive Spirit: shield of absorption or shielding hands is better even at minimal prot
Amity:This will simply get removed even if you make a build around it. Then your elite is dead for 45 seconds
Mark of Protection:your elite is dead for 45 seconds
Rebirth:other resses are always better
Reverse HexExtreme inefficieny
Balthazar's Pendulum:Not worth putting attributes in smiting, if you smite then this elite is not for you anyways
Strength of Honor: the added damage is "more" damage not "+" (see Damage) damage, thus doing usually only +4 damage at high levels

Wow.. I've only gone through 1/3 of the skills.. will finish this sometime :) and add a list of skills to be abused (no res sig? nobody? gg)

Ask Naff![edit | edit source]

Newbs, ask the allmighty Naff your questions to Life, The Universe, and Guild Wars. Answers will be given in Fortune Cookie format when I'm bored,don't feel like answering, or the giving a straight answer would reduce my intelligence by simply answering.

Example question:Where did your name come from?

Answer:I wanted to make a monk/warrior back in early prophecies (yeah we're all noobs some day, but hey I heard from a friend that smiting rocked lol so i think we all were back in the day), but I realised this would really suck:I was farming a lot in ToA and like every Mo/W was a fifty five that tried to kill the party and steal loot which pissed me off when trying to legitamately farm. Interestingly enough, the chosen name had the exact opposite effect intended (Are you really a fifty five? ZOMG a fifty five kick, are you rly a 55? R U rly a 55? Are you...)

Example question:I just realised how little healign mending on a wammo actually gives, should I change my class to Mo/W to gain the higher health regeneration?

Answer:Meditation brings wisdom, lack of mediation breeds ignorance. Know well what leads you forward and what holds you back.

Offsite Build Web Site[edit | edit source]

I created a profile. I just included the information that was suggested in your little sample, but just to note I also have some other titles and stuff so if you want me to include them, just tell me. Defiant Elements (talk ~ contribs) 00:37, 21 March 2007 (CDT)

Well put whatever you want people to see, but if you're in [QQ], have rank 11, and glad 6, you're pretty much an expert in any form of PvP which is all I need to know. (Not a fifty five 03:26, 21 March 2007 (CDT))
Actually.. it doesn't seem to matter anymore, the link has been kicked off and the site died :(

USERBOXES!!!!!!!![edit | edit source]

Yes, I have become sufficiently bored that the time has come

Primal Rage.jpg This User thinks anet should leave skill balancing to the pvpers
Spirit's Strength.jpg This User is annoyed at the admins
Word of Censure.jpg This User thinks editors of guildwiki can only reach consensus on saying "we suck"
Pacifism.jpg This User is a Buddhist!
Searing Flames.jpg This User thinks anet unfairly helps fire magic
Malaise.jpg This User is in bad health :(