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Here I list the hard mode missions, sorted by difficulty. I assume henchmen and heroes only, no consumables, rank 4 lightbringer, and the only pve-only skills available for use are Lightbringer's Gaze, Sunspear Rebirth Signet, and the Sunspear skill linked to your primary profession (at rank 8 Sunspear). You must get master's reward, or else mission and bonus in the same run, depending on the campaign. I assume that your primary profession doesn't really match up with the mission that well, and you put no points into any secondary profession attributes. I decline to rank Augury Rock, as its difficulty varies too wildly by class.

  1. The Eternal Grove
  2. Dunes of Despair
  3. Vizunah Square
  4. Dzagonur Bastion
  5. Zen Daijun
  6. Sanctum Cay
  7. Boreas Seabed
  8. Arborstone
  9. Thirsty River
  10. Fort Ranik
  11. The Frost Gate
  12. Tahnnakai Temple
  13. Pogahn Passage
  14. Gate of Pain
  15. Kodonur Crossroads
  16. Hell's Precipice
  17. Gyala Hatchery
  18. Imperial Sanctum
  19. Elona Reach
  20. The Wilds
  21. Gate of Madness
  22. Moddok Crevice
  23. Raisu Palace
  24. Thunderhead Keep
  25. Jennur's Horde
  26. Ruins of Morah
  27. Aurora Glade
  28. Ruins of Surmia
  29. Nolani Academy
  30. Divinity Coast
  31. Grand Court of Sebelkeh
  32. Sunjiang District
  33. Ice Caves of Sorrow
  34. Abaddon's Mouth
  35. Venta Cemetery
  36. Consulate Docks
  37. Nundu Bay
  38. Nahpui Quarter
  39. Ring of Fire
  40. Dasha Vestibule
  41. Gate of Desolation
  42. D'Alessio Seaboard
  43. Unwaking Waters
  44. Riverside Province
  45. Borlis Pass
  46. The Great Northern Wall
  47. Blacktide Den
  48. Bloodstone Fen
  49. Minister Cho's Estate
  50. Gates of Kryta
  51. Abaddon's Gate
  52. The Dragon's Lair
  53. Rilohn Refuge
  54. Iron Mines of Moladune
  55. Jokanur Diggings
  56. Chahbek Village
  57. Tihark Orchard