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Monk Mr Tampax
  • Type: PvE
  • Origins: Prophecies campaign, Tyria
  • Profession: Monk
  • Level: 20
  • Prophecies Progress: Completed 16/25
  • Factions Progress: Vasburg Armory , Completed 9/13
  • Nightfall Progress: Completed 10/20


Mr Tampax was my first character created in Guild Wars. The name is a bit unusual, but it spawned from frustration at not being able to find a unique name that was available. Fortunately, the name is slightly fitting for a healing monk. I was informed that a Mo/W was a strong damage dealing profession which is why I created him, but quickly decided that I felt differently. Finding it difficult to progress a monk through early Prophecies' areas with henchmen since they did little damage, Mr Tampax took a hiatus while I worked on my second and primary character, NecromancerRabies Turtle Y.

Now Mr Tampax is back in favor and is a nice change from the usual damage dealing professions. He tends to be available if any guild buddies need assistance.

Elite Skills Captured

Elementalist (1) Glyph of Renewal
Mesmer(4) Illusionary Weaponry :: Ineptitude :: Lyssa's Aura :: Mantra of Recall
Monk(26) Air of Enchantment :: Aura of Faith :: Blessed Light :: Defender's Zeal :: Divert Hexes :: Glimmer of Light :: Healer's Boon :: Healing Burst :: Healing Hands :: Healing Light :: Life Barrier :: Life Sheath :: Light of Deliverance :: Mark of Protection :: Martyr :: Peace and Harmony :: Restore Condition :: Shield of Deflection :: Shield of Judgment :: Shield of Regeneration :: Signet of Judgment :: Signet of Removal :: Spell Breaker :: Unyielding Aura :: Word of Healing :: Zealous Benediction
Necromancer(1) Grenth's Balance

Elite Skills Desired

Healer's Covenant

Unique Items Obtained

Hukhrah's Staff :: Jayne's Staff :: Kepkhet's Refuge :: Miella's Focus :: Sadi's Benediction :: The Scar Eater :: Scourgewind's Branch :: Totem Axe :: Wenslauss' Faith

Unique Items Desired

Ssuns' Staff