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Dervish Rabies Turtle R
  • Type: PvE
  • Origins: Nightfall campaign, Elona
  • Profession: Dervish
  • Level: 20
  • Prophecies Progress: Ember Light Camp
  • Factions Progress: Kaineng Center
  • Nightfall Progress: Completed 13/20


To add later

Elite Skills Captured

Dervish(12) Avatar of Balthazar :: Avatar of Dwayna :: Avatar of Grenth :: Avatar of Lyssa :: Avatar of Melandru :: Ebon Dust Aura :: Grenth's Grasp :: Pious Renewal :: Reaper's Sweep :: Vow of Silence :: Wounding Strike :: Zealous Vow
Elementalist(1) Obsidian Flesh

Elite Skills Desired

Vow of Strength :: Arcane Zeal :: Onslaught

Unique Items Obtained

Dwayna's Grace :: Grenth's Grasp :: Mhedi's Vow

Unique Items Desired

None at this time