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Assassin Rabies Turtle T
  • Type: PvE
  • Origins: Factions campaign, Cantha
  • Profession: Assassin
  • Level: 20
  • Prophecies Progress: Ember Light Camp
  • Factions Progress: Completed 9/13 , Gyala Hatchery
  • Nightfall Progress: Completed 10/20


To add later

Elite Skills Captured

Assassin(11) Assassin's Promise :: Beguiling Haze :: Flashing Blades :: Hidden Caltrops :: Locust's Fury :: Moebius Strike :: Shadow Form :: Shadow Meld :: Shroud of Silence :: Siphon Strength :: Temple Strike

Elite Skills Desired

Assault Enchantments :: Dark Apostasy :: Fox's Promise :: Palm Strike :: Way of the Assassin :: Shattering Assault :: Way of the Empty Palm :: Shadow Shroud

Unique Items Obtained

Onata's Shards

Unique Items Desired

None at this time