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Ritualist Rabies Turtle U
  • Type: PvE
  • Origins: Factions campaign, Cantha
  • Profession: Ritualist
  • Level: 20
  • Prophecies Progress: Ring of Fire
  • Factions Progress: Vasburg Armory , Completed 7/13
  • Nightfall Progress: Completed 10/20


To add later

Elite Skills Captured

Necromancer(1) Animate Flesh Golem
Ritualist(16) Attuned Was Songkai :: Clamor of Souls :: Consume Soul :: Defiant Was Xinrae :: Grasping Was Kuurong :: Ritual Lord :: Signet of Spirits :: Soul Twisting :: Spirit Channeling :: Spirit Light Weapon :: Spirit's Strength :: Tranquil Was Tanasen :: Vengeful Was Khanhei :: Wanderlust :: Weapon of Quickening :: Weapon of Remedy

Elite Skills Desired

Caretaker's Charge :: Destructive was Glaive :: Weapon of Fury :: Xinrae's Weapon :: Wielder's Zeal

Unique Items Obtained

Alem's Remedy :: Spiriteater :: Spiritgarden's Repose :: Ssyn's Staff

Unique Items Desired

None at this time