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An explanation of the logs for the -diag command line switch, and what to do. This explanation should help self-diagnostics, and reduce (if not eliminate) the time spent talking to GW support.

If you have a problem with GW, the aim of this guide is to help you, as best as we can, to fixing the problem yourself. Many of these issues will need GW support to fix, but not all of them.

For best results, run a diagnostic (and follow the instructions on this page, as best as you are able), and then head to the section that will tell you what to do to try and solve your problem.

Running a diagnostic[edit | edit source]

Run a diagnostic by adding -diag to your Guild Wars executable in a run dialogue box. This is normally:

  • 32 bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Guild Wars\Gw.exe -diag
  • 64 bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Guild Wars\Gw.exe -diag

The diagnostic should now run.

Results[edit | edit source]

This table will help you understand the results file, if you don't understand, or aren't interested, move on to find out what areas are relivent to solve your particular problem.

Diagnostic results
What the log calls it Windows command line Explanation
Gathering adapter settings ipconfig /all This will show you all the adaptors installed on your computer, if there are none, windows doesn't see any adapters to connect to a network, and therefore will not be able to connect to the internet.
Detecting network connections netstat -n Lists all the connections you have on your network. There may be more than you think (some programs on your computer use local connections to talk to others) - it's safe to ignore this, unless you see no connections (very likely that there's something wrong with your network).
Discovering external address N/A Gives you your external IP address (the one used to connect to you for incoming and outgoing connections), make sure it isn't blank.
Checking server connectivity Attempted TCP connection to each server If these are failing, then you either can't get a connection to Guild Wars, or the servers are all down (Unlikely)
Tracing network paths pathping -w 500 -q 3 -4 someIP Tests and traces the IP route to Anet's servers, used in diagnostics to determine where packets are lost. They'll be a few.
Running DirectX diagnostic dxdiag /whql:off /t <Temporary file in your GW folder> Runs directX diagnostics, to determine graphics errors.

I am having a network issue (I can't connect to Guild Wars)[edit | edit source]

  • Does your computer see a network device, and is it connected?
    • If you can't connect to the Internet, you're probably not able to connect to GW, then again - if you can't connect you probably won't be able to see this guide (unless it's on another computer). Make sure your network connection is fully connected.
  • Can you establish an outbound connection?
    • Again, if you can see this on the computer, you can - if you're on another computer, and can't connect with your normal Internet connection, try going to on the computer that's having problems.
      • If you can't establish an outbound connection, make sure that:
        • You have a DNS server configured (you will, unless you've changed it)
        • If you have a firewall, it's not on "lockdown" mode, make sure it's accepting outbound connections (for GW.exe).
        • Your router is connected to the internet, if you have one (see the router's manual on how to connect, if you don't know)
  • Can you connect to the GW servers?
    • Have a look at the "Checking server connectivity" part of the log, are you getting any problems with connecting?
      • If so, scroll down to the "Tracing network paths" part, and see where it's failing, contact support with this information, including the diag log.
  • If your firewall and router is accepting outbound connections from GW.exe, and you can connect to other internet sites fine, and you have no reason to think that GW's servers are down (try again tomorrow) - then contact support attaching the diag log.

I am having a graphics or other hardware issue (I can't run Guild Wars, or it always crashes)[edit | edit source]

Coming soon...