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Bad advice for playing GuildWars[edit | edit source]

Sometimes even the best players need advice, this page is a tribute to the advice you may get if you ask the general population of GuildWars.

  • "Make sure you spend your attributes evenly, they become more expensive at higher levels, more diversity is better"
    • Who said it: The wammo that casts Frenzy and mending at the earliest opportunity, dies - then complains that the monk sucks for not saving him.
  • "I sell all my crafting materials at a merchent, especially ectos"
    • Who said it: Some guy, how he got ectos in the first place is beyond me
  • "Don't buy any skills otherwise they become too expensive"
    • Who said it: Some guy with no build, because he's afraid of prices of 1Platinum
  • "Hey, let's spend 2 hours setting up for HA before we actually play"
    • Who said it: The guy with too much free time.
  • "Hey, building a team's for chumps, let's just grab heroway and wing HA"
    • Who said it: A corpse on the floor of HA
  • "I've made an Assassin build that works like a tank"
    • Who said it: Someone who still doesn't understand what the "delete" button on the character select is for.
  • "RT, this humour page isn't actually that funny"
    • "Who said it: You
  • "Combine with Whirlwind to keep them on the coals even longer!"
    • — probably well-meaning advice, wisely wiped off the Notes section of Bed of Coals.