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Sagius Truthbarron was once a novice Paladin native to the Ascalonia town of Ashford. Sagius was a low ranking soldier during the time of the last Guild War and later became a member of the Vanguard under Warmaster Tydus. His adventures soon led him deep into the Maguuma Jungle, to the Crystal Deserts, and the Ring of Fire islands.

After discovering how terrible his smiting-hammer build was, he left the people of Ascalon and set off to Cantha to search for his long-lost friend, Gwen, and to live out the rest of his days as a fisherman.

Sagius Truthbarron is also an avid poster on the Guild Wars Guru forums. He is known to edit the things that he writes several times. Don't be alarmed if the "Recent Changes" page has 4-5 edits of the same article within three minutes.

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