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Dragons Flame Disciples [龍火戰神][edit | edit source]


Guild Info[edit | edit source]

Guild leader: Soulblade Enforcer

Guild Name[edit | edit source]

龍(long) = Dragon 火(huo) = Flame/Fire 戰(zhan) = War/Battle 神(shen) = Deity/Immortal

Origins[edit | edit source]

Originated from a ancient clan that lived on islands to the North of Kaineng Center

Recorded as direct descendants from the "Dragon Deity" sent from the Heavens

Served under the Celestial Ministry of Emperor Kisu: Ministry of Flame

Status[edit | edit source]

Ventured North, reforming after being banished from the Dragon Empire following the succession of Emperor Usoku

Guild Promo Image[edit | edit source]

Guild Dragons flame disciples promo2.jpg