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About Me

I am a female English player, currently working as a researcher in Cybernetics for The University of Reading. I've been obsessed with Guild Wars since September 2005 and was lucky enough to be chosen as a winner to the European Wintersday Party in Brighton by ArenaNet. I'm currently seeking a programming job in the south of England and live with my fiance of 3 years (also a Guild Wars addict) and our two cats.

My place in Guild Wars

In May 2006 I left my previous guild to create Mystic Spiral, whom I have been leading ever since. Because I created the guild so soon into Factions and I take my time with campaigns, a friend of mine temporarily took control of the guild to make it Luxon which is the way it has stayed since. Despite dabbling in PvP and previously being a member of a rank 800 guild, I am a PvE player through and through, and enjoy nothing more than beating campaigns repeatedly, helping others and earning titles as can be seen here.

I rarely delete characters, instead electing to add character slots and seperate accounts, of which I now own 3. Yes I hoard things. If it can be hoarded, it will be. Dyes, materials, monster items, runes are all things I hoard as well as Green Bows.

To Do

  • Finish Legendary Guardian
  • Finish Legendary Vanquisher - Tyria down, 2 more to go
  • Finish Legendary Defender of Ascalon
  • Organise GvG

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