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This brain-fart material needs all the help it can get. (I'm sure I meant something mo' better.)
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Official[edit | edit source]

Linsey Murdock's Journal QA Manager Mike Zadorojny
Regina Buenabora's Guru posts In-Game Talk
NCSoft on GWx2 Official Updates

Rants[edit | edit source]

Saved links[edit | edit source]

(These are pages I was following in Monaco's Bookmarks; not sure if I remember why always.)

Core[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

Builds & Skills[edit | edit source]

  • search pvx for builds using, Cry of Pain; substitute the bit in quotes to search for other builds. (PvX doesn't have its own mechanism for finding builds based on skill.)
  • Audrey Chandler's Skill Bins — no builder should build without reviewing this.

Energy Management[edit | edit source]

Inventory[edit | edit source]

PRE[edit | edit source]

POST[edit | edit source]

Prophecies[edit | edit source]

Factions[edit | edit source]

Nightfall[edit | edit source]

EotN[edit | edit source]

Other Ideas[edit | edit source]

Articles[edit | edit source]

all article ideas are just that: ideas. With drastic edits like those proposed, I'll post in my user space before considering to foist them on the unsuspecting wiki world.


  • "local max" — the maximum available to a char who has not progressed to a main trading area (e.g. what's max armor for PRE, for Shing Jea); point to collectors for same
  • q0 — what are the max stats for q0 weapons, helpful for new chars & for alternate weapon sets (e.g. pulling, emergency shields)
  • Nope.png dagger breakpoint — at what skill rank does E +1/hit, -1 degen become better energy management than status quo? (more or less available at zealous)
  • (started) Available hench comparison (why: current guides are good, but don't compare choices available, e.g. when there are two fighters)
  • Hero AI Project: do different with identical profs/builds/commands behave identically? (Why? No one seems to have done controlled experiments. Both pro/con use anecdotal evidence to support case.)
  • I'm just an in-between guide: there's a lot of useful info for noobs and for veterans, but for us in-betweens, not so much. We don't have access to most skills (let alone elite ones), most/any heroes, lots of outposts/zones, etc. If GW follows typical attrition rates, than perhaps half the players online have spent more than 90% of their game life in-between, 30% are new, and 20% are veterans w/access to everything. A poor start to this has already begun.
  • Break-even points — when is armor better than health? when is armor penetration better than damage? when does regen beat pure health/regen, when does DOT beat pure damage


  • update gm cartography guide (Why? current version combines techniques (move to existing section), history (delete or move), and description of how to get hard to reach areas (rephrase))
  • Simplified guide to Keys, Lockpicks, and the Lucky & Unlucky titles (why: current guides emphasize math over guiding)
  • Simplified guide to Damage, Armor Ratings (why: current articles emphasize calculations and explanations over guiding)
  • Sunspear promotion points (why? currently wordy, repetitive, requires careful scrutiny to find details)
  • Missions overviews: these should take up less than a screen at a reasonable resolution (no?)
  • profession guides: secondary professions esp, but maybe the primary page, too

Combined or Synchronize

  • Profession changer and profession changer differences (why? hard to parse, repetition, matrices could provide more data and be more compact);
  • SoC vs Capping skills, also Elite Skills (personally, I think all details amount to only 3/4 screen of info; however, others disagree and think these should be two articles)
    • For elite skills, make the instructions more concise and point ppl to SoC or capping for details

Comparison Tables[edit | edit source]

  • damage type comparison: type, weapons, other sources, defense, resistant classes, susceptible classes, for physical, elemental, & all else

Supposed to be done already![edit | edit source]

  • Nope.png bonus items as own article transcluding the items, so that they can be treated as indepedent articles (low priority)
  • Nope.png full set of editions of the game, transcluding (maybe) the bonus items (low priority)
  • the other wiki's landmark project
  • Yes.png this wiki's Landmark Consistency Project is less well organized

TEF Drop Rate Project[edit | edit source]

An attempt to get more ppls to collect drop rate data. How:

  • count data per run instead of per creature;
    • amt of time, location, pct of area covered
  • use named-parameter template to collect data, making it easier for to add
  • limit # things counted
  • results will be % per run
  • drop rates for non-merch prices? sure, people see WTB/WTS or actually buy/sell; also same idea from authorized auction sites (gw auctions or guru)

Template Ideas[edit | edit source]

  • Nope.png TEF table (in beta via user css)
  • make better use of userbox params or build TEF box for sillinesses
  • quotations that really set the quote apart neatly
  • inlines: hot tip, bug, historical, anomaly -> so that they function as bullets and set themselves apart only slightly
  • setasides: "they way it looks now" and "the suggested way" — since I seem to be often using that technique
  • navbars for missions (at campaign level; already exists for within campaign)
  • quick ref bar for kits (to reduce superior/expert/perfect confusion)
  • Cartographer & Vanquisher - standardize usage on all pages
  • Nope.png tinier skillbar (ideally w/resource costs on mouseover) already exists!
  • Yes.png Consistent display of eotn dungeon chest contents