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User:Tennessee Ernie Ford/Shortcuts/EZ Collectors (PRE)

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Collecting Made EZ for Pre-Searing Ascalon[edit | edit source]

This is a full list of collectibles available in PRE and whether it's worth hanging on to 'em or sell them.

Collectibles in PRE (and what to do with 'em)[edit | edit source]

Item Collect Area Directions Notes
Belts Belt Pouch Lakeside Ashford Village A Nick Item of the Day
Carapaces $ Regent Valley   A Nick of the Day
Charr Carvings $     A Nick of the Day;
~20Gold trade other days;
possible Holiday item colleection
Charr Hides $     expert salvages in Post to Fur (about 5 times in 50)
Enchanted Lodestones ElementalistHands, MonkHands Wizard's Folly Fishing Village A NotD
Husks MesmerFeet, RangerFeet, WarriorHands Lakeside Ashford Village A NotD
Icy Lodestones Hands Wizard's Folly Just east of Foible's Fair A NotD
Irises Headgear Regent Valley in the Secret Garden A NotD
Limbs NecromancerHands Catacombs near Ashford Abbey A NotD
Necklaces RangerTorso, WarriorTorso Lakeside near Regent Valley A NotD
Seeds Torso Fort Ranik In Fort, also near Bear Hunters A NotD
Skale Belt Pouch Lakeside near Ascalon City A NotD
Skulls Feet Catacombs near Green Hills A NotD
Spider Legs Leggings Fort Ranik In Fort (also near Ivor) A NotD
Spider Webs $     (1) 3Gold merch value;
(2) ~8Gold trade if salvaged (to dust) in Post;
(3) ~45Gold trade if expert salvaged in post;
(4) saves ~80Gold if you convert to Silk to use in Crafting your armor.

Collecting Armor[edit | edit source]

Prof Feet Legs Hands Torso Headgear
Elementalist 5 Skulls 3 Spider Legs 3 Icy or Enchanted
5 Seeds 50 Irises
Mesmer 5 Skulls
3 Husks
3 Spider Legs 3 Icy Lodestones 5 Seeds 50 Irises
Monk 5 Skulls 3 Spider Legs 3 Icy Lodestones 5 Seeds 50 Irises
Necromancer 5 Skulls 3 Spider Legs 3 Icy Lodestones
3 Limbs
5 Seeds 50 Irises
Ranger 5 Skulls
3 Husks
3 Spider Legs 3 Icy Lodestones 5 Seeds 50 Irises
Warrior 5 Skulls 3 Spider Legs 3 Icy Lodestones 5 Seeds
5 Necklaces
50 Irises

Note: The upgraded armor, except the headgear, is of minor help (only +2 AR). The headgear also gives an extra +1 attribute when you attack a rune of that attribute.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Rule of thumb: get your belt, your collector armor, and devourer egg; otherwise sell it all.
  • Charr Hides and Carvings have value in POST, but sell them in PRE; there are plenty of Charr there.
  • It's not worth salvaging collectibles or collectible items in PRE. (The cost of salvage is greater than the cost of the salvagings.)
  • You can exchange skale fins or dulled carapaces for devourer eggs...but save yourself 30Gold by getting all the eggs you need from the The Egg Hunter.
  • You can't exchange collectibles for headgear in PRE.
  • Links are to the collector
  • A (relatively) new collector is offering 5 gifts for 25 trophies. So far, these have varied per day; consequently, it doesn't pay to waste a storage least until we see a pattern in the items requested.