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The Gates Assassin

Welcome to PvE forums, where everyone is a winner, every idea is a good one, and anyone who says otherwise is a disrespectful, ignorant asshole. Remember this is guru, where Paragons are bad, Mesmers are amazing, and these opinions are backed up with zeal not evidence. ~Ensign

About Me
In Game
My favorite profession is assassin and I have been playing it since Factions came out. The Gates Assassin has over 800 hours of game play so far, and she is my second sin. Surviving sin was my first sin(over 1500 Hours), but I got bored of him and the crappy armor selection so I made a female one that was based off of my PvP sin, The Gates Assassin. As of now, she is all I work on. Every month or two I take about 30 minutes MAYBE and work on another character. So far she has six sets of daggers, a scythe, a long bow, a staff, 2 swords, 1 spear, and 8 shields. In PvE she is always a moebius Assassin due to the IMBA ass amounts of damage they can output alone. For the optional slot, she takes "You Move Like a Dwarf!" since it acts as a snare, KD, damage, interrupt and insult all in one skill with a 10 second recharge time.

Her name comes from my first ever PvP guild: The Keepers of the Gates. When I was in that guild I also read this Post on Guru in some archives. That is what made me want to play assassin the most. In the Keepers of the Gates, I started to experiment with builds and would test them constantly on guildies.

In Real Life

My real name is Julian. I have been doing Kempo since I was 4, and switched to Kenpo when I was 14. All together I've been doing karate for 14 years (You do the math). Currently I am a Junior Instructor and a Second Degree Black Belt. I hate playing shooters, I love RPGs, I love Final Fantasy, I love Heavanly Sword, I love Guitar Hero and I love the PS3/PS2. Guitar Hero > Rock Band because Rock band is easy and boring. Guitar hero songs are not only better, but harder.

My Challenges

One things I love to do in Guild Wars especially now is to make up a random challenge and find a way to do it. So many of these skills we have are so powerful when combined that they allow us to do some crazy things many would think are impossible. Click here to see what challenges are being done and how far I am.

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