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Current Characters:[edit | edit source]

  • The Hylian -- My first toon, lvl 20 Elementalist. Fire for PvE, Air for PvP...not that I've done any PvP recently....
  • The Goron -- The one I play the most, lvl 20 Monk -- if you're ever in a mission group with 7/8 or whatever and need a monk, see if I'm around.
  • Princess Ruto -- The third of the references to the Legend of Zelda series (Ocarina of Time, to be exact), and a lvl 20 ranger, too.
  • Peppy Hare -- Runner extraordinaire -- lvl 20 Dervish, and I created him for the sole purpose of running. And he's good at what he does: if you need a run somewhere, look me up. A reference to Star Fox, by the way.
  • The Gerudo Thief -- Lvl 19 Assassin, naturally, haven't played with her in a good long while. I consider dusting her off every now and then, but haven't as of yet. Legend of Zelda.
  • The Sheikah -- Lvl 11 Paragon. Haven't used him in awhile, either. He'll be the first to be deleted when I decide to make a new character. Legend of Zelda again.
  • The Canthan -- Lvl 11 Warrior, and I love the fact that I somehow got this name. However, I don't especially like to play as a warrior, so she doesn't get much use.
  • Katt Monroe -- My hottest toon, with magenta hair and a special blend of dyes to make the armor match as well. I say "special blend" because I can't remember what I used, and when I get new armor, I'll have to figure it out again. Lvl 13 Necromancer, created fresh in NF fairly recently. A minion master currently, and working on Survivor title. Oh, and Katt Monroe was a pink-furred fighter pilot in Star Fox 64; she had a crush on Falco, and showed up to shoot some switches or beacons, depending on what path you chose.


The Quiz Results - Stolen from Kalomeli[edit | edit source]

This was...interesting. My two favorite professions tied for first. Wish Necromancer was higher, but overall, spot on.

You scored as a Monk.

Mesmers can support a group amazingly, but only you can truly help a group in need. With the powers of the divine, you are able to cure the wounded, protect the weak, and even bring back the dead. You are almost a necessity to any team, providing the backbone of your group's structure.

Monk 94%
Elementalist 94%
Ranger 88%
Assassin 69%
Ritualist 50%
Mesmer 50%
Necromancer 31%
Warrior 25%