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The Interrupter is a Mesmer focusing on disrupting skill usage to prevent targets from doing anything.

Attributes & Skills[edit | edit source]

MesmerMesmer / Any Attribute Rank
Domination Magic 16 (12 + 3 + 1)
Inspiration Magic 10 (9 + 1)
Psychic Distraction.jpg

Psychic Distraction





Signet of Humility.jpg

Signet of Humility

Ether Feast.jpg

Ether Feast



Hex Breaker.jpg

Hex Breaker

Resurrection Signet.jpg

Resurrection Signet

Usage[edit | edit source]

Channelling and Hex Breaker are used because you can cast them before combat starts. That is, before Psychic Distraction disables your skills.

Diversion or Guilt should also be cast right at the start of the encounter. One or the other, depending on your foe.

After that, the fun begins.

  • Watch your opponents carefully to select a target to shutdown. Elementalists and Necromancers are obvious good choices, but don't forget that Psychic Distraction can interrupt all skills, so don't be afraid to harrass a ranger or warrior.
  • Start interrupting. From this point on, you can pretty much only use Psychic Distraction, except every 8 seconds when all the other skills finish recharging.

Pitfalls[edit | edit source]

Energy management is problematic if combat drags on.

The 8 seconds disable means you often can't use your resurrection in a timely manner.

Variations[edit | edit source]

Pretty much everything other than Psychic Distraction and Resurrection Signet can be changed, keeping in mind that you'll only get a window of opportunity every 8 secs and before combat to use them.

For a polyvalent build, bring Anti-Assassin, Anti-Warrior skills, with an Energy management skill.