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No comment means I can't remember what it the build is/was at the moment :(
Also, I feel I should note that I did this PvP naming scheme before that movie, V is for Vengeance or whatever-it-is came out :).
  • A is for Apple
Air spike...maybe...?
  • B is for Brainnnsss
  • C is for Catapult
Boonprot, all purple! Most-often-used name.
Made after a tactical GvG error let an enemy wipe us clean from their base with a single well-timed cat shot. I've been running my boonprot like this:
Mo/Me DF 12 + 3 + 1, Prot Prayers 8 + 1, Inspiration 10
Reversal of Fortune.jpg Guardian.jpg Mend Condition.jpg Inspired Hex.jpg Mend Ailment.jpg Contemplation of Purity.jpg Mantra of Recall.jpg Divine Boon.jpg
  • D is for Denied
Me/*, Fast casting 9 + 1, Illusion 8, Domination 12 + 3 + 1, Inspiration 5
Power Block.jpg Complicate.jpg Arcane Conundrum.jpg Diversion.jpg Conjure Phantasm.jpg Arcane Thievery.jpg Drain Enchantment.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg
  • E is for Excessive
Infuse healer with Divine Boon, Vital Blessing, Word of Healing and a teammie's Symbiosis, lol...
"Whoops... that's a bit much..." // "Hrm, I don't think this is going to work."
  • F is for Fudge Mmm
All I remember is it wasn't very successful... F is for Rude Words apparently :)
"Mmm.... Fudge :d"
  • The letter 'G' is apparently offensive and was skipped. :)
  • H is for Hippo
Can't remember, used short-term for FPE Alliance Battles
  • I is for Indigo
Can't remember, used short-term for FPE Alliance Battles
  • J is for Jubilee
AoE Fire in Alliance Battles during FPE... like the X-Men character!
  • K is for Death
Rezmer for Minion Factory
  • L is for Leprechaun
Crappy knocklock.
Enervating Charge.jpg Stoning.jpg Arcane Echo.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg
Also has minimal height, Green Hydromancer's armor, and a shock of bright red hair.
"Can someone spot me a dollar? I'm a bit short!"
  • M is for Measured
Watchful sprit support character for a CoP-heal signet team, or anything else Fate Measured comes up with.
  • N is for Ninja (E/R)
16 Air Magic, Energy Storage (60 nrg), Shocking Shortbow
Thunderclap.jpg Glyph of Elemental Power.jpg Brambles.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg Optional.jpg
  • O is for Overstock (E/N)
Blindspam (not as effective as Q is for Quartet, below.)
E/*, Air Magic 12 + 3 + 1, Energy Storage 12 + 2
Blinding Flash.jpg Enervating Charge.jpg Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Orb.jpg Lightning Javelin.jpg Ether Prodigy.jpg Air Attunement.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg
  • P is for Pistachios (N/Mo)
Something like OoP, Live Vicariously, Vigorous Spirit on a team of assassins with 16 dagger mastery.
  • Q is for Quartet
Effective blindspam
Me/E, Air Magic 12, Fast Casting 12
Blinding Flash.jpg Enervating Charge.jpg Lightning Strike.jpg Lightning Orb.jpg Lightning Javelin.jpg Elemental Attunement.jpg Air Attunement.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg
  • R is for Riproarin
Prot ritualist
  • S is for Sillyhead
Brutal weapon assassin
  • T is for Tinartownd
PP/SD spike
Conjure Nightmare.jpg Fragility.jpg Phantom Pain.jpg Shatter Delusions.jpg Energy Drain.jpg Energy Tap.jpg Drain Enchantment.jpg Resurrection Signet.jpg
  • U is for Umbrellas
Bunny Thumper standard
  • V is for Vader
Air of Enchantment smiter
  • W is for Windoze
Touch ranger