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Hum, character info, I spose, in a basic format for now... Sites to visit at the bottom! Wooo!

Tinarto/Sandbox has an elite skill table barely modified from Dashface's userpage.

I vote for my series of pages as the ugliest page set on the wiki, consisting of the unfortunate combination of lots of (useless) information presented the most ineffectual, crowded, utilitarian, and unappealing possible fashion. Don't forget to include my builds page in your evaluation.

Also, I am known in my own mind for extensive use of the preview button and many edits during preview, followed by a myriad of edits I didn't think of while previewing, and endless frustration while the page changes and I am prompted to "merge my changes in", which usually causes me to just abandon them.

int lifeType = 2
int time = 8; //freetime in hours
int guildwars = 6; //time spent on guildwars
bool college;

void life();
int main() {
  if (lifeType == 2)
  return 0;

void life() {
  college = true;
  if (college)
    time = 1;
  if (time < 3 && college)
    guildwars = rand() % 1;

  • Tinarto Andurian (Main) Mo/*
    • Level: 20 (Ascended)
    • Guild: Officer of Nightmare Illusion Legion
    • Skills / Checklist:
      • Monk:
        • Nonelites: All Tyrian
        • Elites: All Tyrian
      • Elementalist:
        • Nonelites: All Tyrian
        • Elites: All Tyrian
      • Mesmer:
        • Nonelites: All Tyrian
        • Elites: All Tyrian
      • Necromancer:
        • Nonelites: 23/however many
        • Elites: 6/15
      • Warrior, Ranger - Basics only
    • Play time: Character: 513:20/8mo, 77.61% of total playtime (661:16/8mo)
    • Deaths: 2,121 and counting (Have done work as a minion factory saccer :P)
    • Titles:
      • Tyrian Cartographer (91.1%)
      • Protector of Tyria
    • Currently:
      • Doing Factions quests and missions for massive experience & skillpoints
      • Gaining every Tyrian nonelite skill (MO, ME, E, N, R, W)
      • Exploring Tyria
    • Scheduled:
      • Explore Cantha
      • Gain every monk skill in Cantha
      • Gain the Gladiator title
      • Gain every Canthan skill
      • Gain every skill on this character, period.
    • Completed:
      • Gain every Tyrian monk skill
      • Complete remaining Tyrian Bonuses
  • Naria Ambrin W/R

  • PvP slot. Name & vague build
Builds & Associated Names

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