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A new quiz i found about the GW prof.

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Page Inspired by Thor79

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You scored as Ritualist. The Ranger has only minimal abilities to summon lesser spirits, but you are a master of the world of spirits. Summoning them into this realm to do your bidding, whether it be for the benefit of those around you or not, is child's play for you, and you are nobody to be trifled with.

















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Faction (Kurzick).jpg This user is a member of the Kurzick alliance.

This user plays both PvE & PvP.

nl-N This user is a native speaker of Dutch.
Deze gebruiker spreekt Nederlands als moedertaal.
Cookie.jpg This user loves all cookies.
Noob.gif This user is a big noob.]]
40px This user is a proud member of The Blitzers Guild [BG].
Nogem.jpg This user supports the "Don't use Gem's icons" -campaign.
Red Ball.JPG This user can focus very well on his game! "ooooh a round red shiny ball!"
Cookie.jpg This user does not want to share his cookies with you!
Sandbox2.jpg This user has its Sandbox here
Retarted.gif This user suffers from retarded
Dante This user is the slave of Dante
197 This user has the title Green Maniac by getting 197 Greens
Tomoko's Cookie.jpg This user has made its own cookie!
Spoil Victor.jpg This user thinks the [Build:N/Mo Boss Farmer|N/Mo Boss Farmer] is the best solo build!
Glob of Ectoplasm.png This user has 31 of the 120 Ectos farmed for its Obsidian Armor
Faction (Balthazar).jpg This user has achieved the title Deadly Hero by achieving Rank 4 with 454 Fame.
Female.pngMale.png This user is not a man and also not a woman... This user is a mystery
Urgozs Longbow Look.jpg This user got all bows from Urgoz
OMG This user finally gotten his Tormented Shield
Obsidian Shard.png This user has 36 of the 120 Shards farmed for its Obsidian Armor
MiniGreasedLightingIcon.png This user has made a page about designing new minipets
RedItemIconTomoko.gif This user has found new love in the Red Items

a icon made by me about a pink angel.

Ranger-icon.png Tomoko Pink Angel
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Tomoko Pink Angel.jpg

Warrior-icon.png Kilik Razing Flames
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Kilik Razing Flames.jpg

Necromancer-icon.png The Human Murderer
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

The Human Murderer.jpg

Monk-icon.png Adorer of Dwayna
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Adorer of Dwayna.jpg

Ritualist-icon.png Maori Shadowbind
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Maori Shadowbind.jpg

Assassin-icon.png The Dmn Assasin
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

The Dmn Assassin.jpg

Elementalist-icon.png Ada Emberlight
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Ada Emberlight.JPG

Assassin-icon.png Ater Umbra Necare
- Level: 12
[edit | edit source]


Ritualist-icon.png Ruby Whitedash
- Level: 17
[edit | edit source]

Ruby Whitedash.jpg

Warrior-icon.png Tim Thunderstrike
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

Tim Thunderstrike.gif

Monk-icon.png The Caster Of Life
- Level: 20
[edit | edit source]

The Caster Of Life.jpg

Ranger-icon.png Elisha Blue Wonder
- Level: 18
[edit | edit source]

Elisha Blue Wonder.jpg

Dervish-icon.png Flagrare Odium
- Level: 7
[edit | edit source]

Flagrare Odium.jpg

Warrior-icon.png Pascal Bonecrusher
- Level: 11
[edit | edit source]

Pascal Bonecrusher.jpg

Assassin-icon.png Dante Kundera
- Level: 6
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