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Thoughts[edit | edit source]

Haven't been thinking a lot lately...
Mostly Poisoning everything to hell (quite literally, in the case of Demons) on D2. I love Plague Javelin. Frenzy is also buckets of fun.

Biography[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Elmo Wever
  • Age: 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: Netherlands
  • Interests: Nothing.
  • Music: Black, Death Metal, Progressive Rock (Ayreon ftw)
  • Guild: Guild Leader of [Ni]. Promoted by Guild Wars. rrr

Pages[edit | edit source]

Chars. Random stuff.

Userboxes[edit | edit source]

Blood is Power.jpg This user is not emo.
Sever Artery.jpg This user is negi-emo, they cut other people.
Creative This user believes ANet has a little problem with creativity
Charging Strike.jpg Brace for impact! Ward Against Harm.jpg
Marcopolo47 signature new.jpg This user lives on Marcopolo47's talk page.
Ghostmirror Light.jpg This user was not involved in the great user talk page and edit conflict battle of 10/16/07, but likes the userbox— Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk.Talk
PvE nub This user is a PvE nub, but can H/H most places, still. If something goes wrong, stand up, try again, die again and change teh buildz!
EreanorBond.jpgError 007 From Anet with love.
Burning Speed.jpg This user cannot believe that self-immolation is an acceptable method for speed increase.
Stoning.jpg This user feels that throwing rocks is an inefficient form of combat.
Poisonous Bite.jpg This user thinks that giving your pet rabies to inflict extra damage will incur the wrath of PETA.
Lively Was Naomei.jpg This user feels that throwing incinerated dead people around is not a proper way to do magic.
Diversion.jpg This user has ADD. Ooo, shiny!
Dodge.jpg This user is faster than
GW 2? This user is still undecided about Guild Wars 2.
Searing Flames.jpg This user hates overused builds.
Words of Comfort.jpg Gesundheit.
Watchful Healing.jpg Vandals haven't got a snowball's chance in hell against this user's revert skills.
"Victory is Mine!".jpg This user has received the Medal of Revert from Big B for his efforts on November the 16th
Spirit of Failure.jpg Warning! This user is a Wikinoob and thus makes far too many minor edits due to abuse of the Trial and error method when Wikicoding.
Prepared Shot.jpg + Strike as One.jpg = Crossfire.jpg
Awatta? This user doesn't know how merging the icons of 2 elites, makes an icon for a non-elite.
PvEasy.png This user wants PvE to be balanced.
SPAMMISH.GIF This user likes Monty Python.
For Elona.jpg "This... Is... A REFERENCE!" An obvious shout-out to something else
:[ This user has turned EVIL!
Angelic Bond.jpg This userbox is a tribute to all angels who protect this Wiki of vandalism
Sever Artery.jpg This user thinks the 'Wiki is bleeding out...
This user is playing <font-size: 150%>Mafia.
Why aren't you?
Nub This user is a co-nub :D
Holiday Blues.jpg Watch out for the Emo Clown!
Sarcasm This user loves sarcasm. Always be careful about what they say.
Vista This user thinks Microsuck Vista was created through this process
Pious Assault.jpg This user thinks this skill should be renamed to Furious Tree Assault.
21 This user page has been vandalized 21 times.

Button sig.png This user made most of the links to that image. Pure signed ownage --- Ohaider!-- (s)talkpage 18:14, 10 April 2008 (UTC)
Givedamn100.gif This user is unable to give a damn.
<3 This user got Turok for his Xbox 360, which is awesome.
Fail This user died on lv 48/50 on Vector TD 2 because he was editing the 'Wiki.
Yaay Luckily, this user had opened it twice, doing the exact same thing, and completed the game on the second screen. Lagg makes you die less!
OrgXAdBlockPlus.png This user never sees ads.
See This user's Barbarian is 1337.
Harsh This user might be harsh, resulting in scary conversations and confessions.
User:Shadowcrest/girls userbox
^jo ^jo dudes
HA? This user plays HA for teh lulz. However that works.
blah This user has developped other interests. Too bad for him, he hasn't quite figured out what interests.
UAX - Y This user can, theoretically, run every build.
1337-50.png This user achieved 1337 damage!
Democracy in Action
This user voted.
Why didn't you?
Gwwintersday.png This user helped bring Wintersday to GuildWiki!
Scorpion Wire.jpg Scorpion Wire is by far one of the most skills in Guild Wars.
Enervating Charge.jpg CHARGEING MA LAZORZ! Energy Surge.jpg CHARGEING MA LAZORZ! Shatter Enchantment.jpg
  • Stolen the err007 one from Talk page of Game Updates, made by Ereanor.
  • The OMGWTFbox I also stole from Talk:Game Updates. Made by Gold Dean.
  • Not Emo box: Donated by Shady.
  • Negi-Emo box:Shamelessy ripped from this place after asking *permission.
  • Stole some userboxes from an old revision of Phydeaux' page.
  • Superglue-stolen the wikierrorminoreditsowpreviewphailing box from Ereanor.
  • The No-Chance-in-Hell userbox was given to me by ProgR.
  • The PvEasy userbox should be clear...
  • The THIS...IS...A REFERENCE! userbox has been made bu User:Glommon.
  • Evil-box by RT. Added cause of my Quake-love. But hey, it's cool to see 5 people jump to one spot, then nuke em with Quad-dmg Rockets :D
  • Lukyboy donated the Angel userbox ^^
  • Steelzored the Emo Clown userbox from Prog :D
  • Sarcasm box from MP47 (made by Ricky) <-- Phailed at adding that ^^'
  • Got the Vistabox from Gimme, after he proposed to steal it :D
  • Stolen the Damn userbox from Prog after he stole the pic off DII Forums.
  • Psychic box is ripped from Isk8, who donated it to me ;)
  • Mingsong was Blind made by Cobalt. <3
  • Cyberwub gurlz box made by someone, presumably.
  • ^jo dudes by Felix (and‎ indirectly).
  • Mudbriks box from Glommon, with a few alterations.
  • 1337 damage box by M.mendel.
  • Scorp Wire box by Felix, as per User_talk:Entropy/Archive_31#Funny_Scorpion_Wire_story.

This one deserves a header[edit | edit source]

User:Shadowcrest/ages userbox

Thanks to Shadow for creating a Template for it :P

Random Links[edit | edit source]

Wat de foke?
Some random guy wrote fanfic on Half-Life, but the grammar and spelling was... Kinda bad. The videos above are movies made in g-mod to go with the story. Last video has a few boring parts w/o narration, though.

[1]. . .

Random edit. Gotta love sin fans.


This must be the reason for those skill anomalies. Our balancer can't spell and fails at grammar.

Mendel is srs bsns.

Pwned O_o


Scary. Pvxness.

Pokemon battles...O_o

So I herd it's ur Burfdai? Add yours!

E3 for Everyone Map, love it: [2]

linking for the sake of it

Fresh Prince of Bel Persia.

Helloooo, I'm a shark!

Best... Cursor game... EVER!!!

My builds (joke&serious ones)

My Trash!

Too Slow!



My personal playground for screwing up coding!

Funny stuff. example: <spacemank> someone help me think of an eye catching phrase or something about me.
<cky> hm
<cky> your nickname rhymes with 'wank'
<PsykoDave> Spacewank!
<spacemank> gr... not to do with my NICK
<cky> well, you said about you :P
<spacemank> yes, me. not my nick.
<spacemank> I am not my nick.
<spacemank> I am me.
<Greg|wawy> if you re-arrange the letters, you get "spankmace"
<cky> your nick has to do with you
<spacemank> not really.
<spacemank> GRR
<spacemank> USELESS
<Greg|wawy> :D
<cky> which is almost "spank mice"
<cky> you could also rearrange it to say MSPancake!
<spacemank> I hate you.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This user seems to be a reference to the Unique item Skin of the Vipermagi (scroll down a bit).
  • Yes, it's a reference.
  • This user has 53 RT points.
  • In the period of Sept 21, 2007 and the present time, this user has made over 8,800 edits, and has more than 300 Deleted Contributions.
  • This user is, as of March 2nd, still no way better than you. The difference was that I get red exclamation marks on RC, but Wikia killed them. Burn the witches.
  • This user used to type wich rather than which.

RT TriviA[edit | edit source]

  • RT had an account called ZOmg Bananas.
  • RT is awesome.
  • RT has no friends IRL.

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