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Hey there, my name is Andy, but I somehow managed to unfortunatly get the name Wakka :) I've been playing GW for little less than a year now, but have been playing online games since I was like 13 or something (mostly RTS's). GW is my first MMORPG and its pretty good so far, I do have one complaint tho, it sucks up my life :(

Im 20 years old, and enjoys what every (well...normal) 20 year olds do, drinking, clubbing, partying and sex. Bascially the jist of my life, and also the occassional hanging out and doing stupid stuff ^^

I work in quite a boring office job as I failed my uni course. Was doing Interactive Multimedia Desisng which pretty much sucked and I decided to not do any of my coursework lol well thats one way to do it.