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1 This user plays Campaign One,
Guild Wars Prophecies.
2 This user plays Campaign Two, Guild Wars Factions.
3 This user plays Campaign Three, Guild Wars Nightfall.
Warrior-icon.png This user primarily plays on a Warrior.
6 Platinum.png This user is currently kinda broke because he bought a Tormented Shield.
MerrySig.gif This user thinks Linkin Park rocks.
Guildlord.jpg This user is Guildless :(

Word of Healing.jpg This user loves word of healing and its awesome buff!

Intro[edit | edit source]

I joined guild wars because of a freind from betas who had loved it, figured it'd be worth a go, and I loved it. Started out as a warrior like my freind, we worked through Pre-searing to Kryta and then sort of split ways until Hell's Precipice, where we both finally beat Prophecies (yay)! I have both Guild Wars Factions and Guild Wars Nightfall, and am excited for Eye of the North. My favorite class is warrior, and though I have other characters, my warrior is my 1st and favorite.

Thanks to User:Merry for the LP userbox. LP fans gotta stick together :P.

Thought of the Day[edit | edit source]

  • Hall of Monuments accepts Destroyer Weapons (100k tops) but not Tormented Weapons (400k +)....XD

Update[edit | edit source]

Playin Eotn, done on my warrior and ranger...working thru with my paragon

Only build I felt needed to be saved for me-My favorite farm build

My builds page-Builds

Some Titles I think should be added to the game-Titles

My Guild[edit | edit source]

I am currently looking for a guild haha...if you have a good one send an invite over :)

My Characters[edit | edit source]

Note: All characters are male

Warior Kronos[edit | edit source]

Warrior/Ranger-My 1st character, made 1st day Guild wars 1 came out. He is my pride and joy, and also where most of my money goes. He has beaten all 3 campaigns, is my most active character, and is usually the 1st character i will explore a new area/campaign with (He is also the only character with Razah...RoT=Evilllllll). He currently runs both sword and axe builds.

  • Campaigns
    • Prof-Complete
    • Fact-Complete
    • NF-Complete (NEVER doing that again. Ever. Ever ever ever. RoT really lives up to its image of hell).
  • Current Mini
    • Asura

Lord Oranos[edit | edit source]

Monk/Elementalist-My 2nd character, created in December 2005, he came to be in the early stages of the Monk strike at THK (ahhh good days....) and the beginning of Sorrows Furnace. I also figured a monk would be nice to have, considering everyone needs one for anywhere in the game. He can be a bonder, healer, and a 55 monk.

  • Campaigns
    • Prof-Ring of Fire
    • Fact-N/a
    • NF-Kourna
  • Armor
  • Current Mini
    • Pig

Death Lord Hades[edit | edit source]

Necromancer/Monk or Mesmer-My 3rd Character, created upon further adventures in Sorrows Furnace. After seeing the god-like power of an MM (back when they had 30+ minions at a time...though they still can be godly to a lesser extent), Hades came to be. I loved him from the start, and intended for him to be an MM, because I had also aquired Bortak's Bone Staff for him with Warior Kronos. I had also aquired Villnar's Staff but hadn't thought about being an SS until i got a runner who ditched me halfway through my Shiverpeaks at Camp Rankor. However, some good came out of this when a person kindly asked me if I was here to cap Spiteful Spirit. Not knowing that skill, let alone the power of it, I said no and he guided me to it, and helped me capture it. I found a use for Villnar's staff, and went on being a SS necro until my MM skills were aquired. He currently runs SS and MM, and is often the follower after Kronos to explore a new campagin.

  • Current Mini
    • Titan
  • Campaigns
    • Prof-THK
    • Fact-Complete
    • NF-Kourna

Sei Master Ruki[edit | edit source]

Assassin/Ranger-My 4th Character, created upon release of factions. Unlike many dissapointed creaters of assasins, I saw a great promise in my assasin. He was created a day before factions was "officially" released, and I have kept him since. Unlike most people, my assasin used skills other than basic dagger mastery and immediatly set off on a quest to find the elusive Aura of Displacement, the ultimate skill in the Assassin's collection. Unfortunatly though I was labeled with the mark of uselessness, because of the name assassins had already aquired not 2 weeks into Faction's release. Despite all this I kept at it and changed a few people's views on assassins. I recently tried out running a critical barrager, which I loved as well. He currently runs AoD builds, a Seeping Wound sword build, and a critical barrager build. He also soloes with the A/E sliver armor build.

  • Campaigns
    • Prof-South Shiverpeaks
    • Fact-Complete
    • NF-Kourna
  • Current Mini
    • Shiro

Spear Man Arkos[edit | edit source]

Paragon/Elementalist-My 5th Character, created upon release of Nightfall. Though I hate the male paragon armor...I love the Idea of a paragon. I used to run spear mastery, but realizing the effectivness of motivation I soon switched to that (and found a use for preorder items...yay!). I am somewhat stuck on nightfall, but am planning to take him to EoTN. He runs a motivation build, and I'm working on a mass burning build with the new buff of mark of rodgart (the build is still in progress, working out attributes)

  • Campaigns
    • Prof-N/A
    • Fact-N/A
    • NF-Late Vabbi
  • Armor
    • 1.5k Elonian
      • Best looking paragon armor i could find short of Vabbian or FoW (both waaay out of my range)
  • Current Mini
    • Pig

Rago Kindelrock[edit | edit source]

Elementalist/Mesmer or Monk-My 6th character was a return to prophecies, in the form of everyone's favorite dwarven nuker...(or at least a simillar name to him). He is my nuker, and I run only fire builds with him. I have him ascended and in the southern shiverpeaks, but am currently stuck (and not attempting to go further) then THK. He currently runs my own fire build, SF, or SH.

  • Campaigns
    • Prof:THK
    • Fact:N/A
    • NF: Gate of Pain
  • Current Mini
    • Turtle

Archer Houyi[edit | edit source]

Ranger/Monk-My 7th character, a ranger from factions, was created when my guild continually bugging me to make a ranger. I finally caved after our leader gave me Uhiwi's Shortbow as a birthday gift and made this guy. When I was level 10, I realized that he hadn't died yet, so I figured I would go for survivor on him. I went through Shing Jea and after a few quests in Cantha he made survivor. Found a new love for him after he lost his track to tier 2 survivor, as he is now much more fun to play. He has beaten Eye of the North and has Norn armor (Pre-Book buff). He is currently running a Broad Head Arrow Interupt build, a Beastmaster build, and a Thumper build.

  • Campaigns
    • Prof:Lion's Arch
    • Factions:Nahpui Square
    • Nightfall:A Land of Heroes

My Sandbox-Sandbox

"For Great Justice!".jpg Spread the word! Use this makeshift banner to promote The Warrior Union, a discussion about the warrior's sad place at the bottom of the teaming heap . For greater Warrior justice!