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My own little corner of the Wiki!

Leave a message on the Talk page if you need to get in touch. You can also contact me on my Gmail account:

Although I rarely play Guild Wars anymore (at least not until Chapter 2 comes out in Australia) I masquerade as an admin on this site, aimlessly wandering around either editing or going on Unused Images Delete Crusades.

Current Tasks/Pages I Watch[edit | edit source]

Characters[edit | edit source]

Alive and Kicking[edit | edit source]

William Blackstaff

William Blackstaff[edit | edit source]

Class: Elementalist/Monk
Level: 20
Current Mission Level: Finished all Missions; only quest not done is Defend North Kryta Province
FavouriteSpell/Skill:Immolate. A great spammable spell. Burn Baby Burn!
Notes:This is actually my second charecter I made although it ended up being the one i've most comfortable playing with. Managed to unlock all the Elementalist skills and Monk Skills including the Elites

William Trueblade

William Trueblade[edit | edit source]

Class: Warrior/Monk
Level: 20
Current Mission Level:Finished all missions; there a some quests I haven't done with this char as I stopped playing with it after I finished Hell's Precipice, most notably I haven't done any of the Sorrow's Furnace quests.
Favourite Spell/Skill:Hamstring. Great against people trying to run away.
Notes: Very first char I made (mmm wo/mo's) and although I enjoyed playing it I prefer staying back and blasting the little buggers from a distance. Currently used as a storage char as I don't have the heart to kill off my first charecter.

Blood of Kahless[edit | edit source]

Class: Necromancer/Monk
Level: 20
Current Mission: Done all the Missions, although I haven't actually done The Dragon's Lair Mission. (yes I had someone run me to Droknar's Forge, the whole journey isn't nearly as interesting or fun the upteenth time around); Has a couple of quest not yet done including The Villainy of Galrath, Defend Droknar's Forge, The Sorrow's Furnace quests and three of the secondary profession missions (Ranger's, Warrior's, and Mesmer's Path)
Favorite Spell/Skill used:Animate Bone Horror & Life Siphon, mainly because I've been using this char to solo hunt Charr in Diessa Lowlands, Flame Temple Corridor and Dragon's Gullet.
Notes: My most recent charecter that lasted more than 1 day I was originally playing it to unlock the Necro skills and elites but I have become fond of this char (plus that and the Scar Pattern Armor was very expensive to buy) and I'm hesitant to kill her. In additon it's great to run around raising Bone Horrors and spamming Well of Blood.

William Lighthand (Version 2.0)[edit | edit source]

Current Mission: The Ascension missions (done Dunes of Despair).
Notes:My second attempt at making a Protection Monk and it seems to be going well except I have to figure out a way to regain energy as I am suffering from energy problems in extended battles, might change second profession to Elementalist after ascention to take advantage of Glyphs...
Favorite Spell/Skill used:Vigorous Spirit, which is weird since it's a Healing Prayers spell but it's a nice cheap spell that gives some help to the healers

Pushing Up Daisies[edit | edit source]

William Shatterstar[edit | edit source]

Class: Mesmer/Monk
Level: 17
Notes: Was the 3rd char to ever make, killed to make room for Lighthand (see below).

William Lighthand[edit | edit source]

Class: Monk
Level: 8
Notes: Spent a good couple of hours intending to make a Prot Monkey then was warned off by guild members on account of how much grief monks get in PvE. Killed to make room for Shiva. Yes the irony is killing me.

Shiva Firefox[edit | edit source]

Class: Ranger/Elementalist
Current Mission: Thunderhead Keep
Notes: My fifth charecter I ever made. I made Shiva after I finished the game using Blackstaff (but before Sorrow's Furnace came out) and was primarily going to use her to unlock skills and test out a skill combination I though up of after 12 hours of non-stop gaming and far too many cups of coffee. Don't play her much anymore and is now fast becoming a storage charecter. I mostly have stacks of materials and weapon upgrades on her. I might end up killing her to make room for a pvp slot or a pve monk.

Inventory Stuff[edit | edit source]

Money[edit | edit source]

Last Updated:30 November 2005 (AEST)

84 platinum and 0 gold

Dye Collection[edit | edit source]

This is the number of dyes I've managed to find (and keep) from drops (not from buying them). Don't know why I keep them. Probably because it's pretty :)

Last Updated:30 November 2005 (AEST)

Black: 1
Silver: 24
Purple: 15
Red: 12
Yellow: 3
Orange: 21
Green: 15
Blue: 8

Unique(Green) Items Collection[edit | edit source]

Last Updated:30 November 2005 (AEST)

Morgriff's Scepter
Worth's Icon
Ivor's Icon
Ivor's Staff
Korvald's Cane
Flint's Fleshcleaver