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Are you 100% sure we don't need those noincludes? I think it's left over from before skill boxes were in templates but my mind escapes me. If it is I could have been removing those >< been cleaning up skills for ages — Skuld Monk 03:08, 23 July 2006 (CDT)

account[edit source]

perhaps you should consider creating an account? you just beat me to a revert, which means your tracking recent changes, and i see you comment all over the place, so you must be planning on staying with us? --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 15:28, 25 July 2006 (CDT)

make an account before i get my hammer out. i'm not afraid to smite you! if i have to refer to you as anon 68 again i will be wrathful sarah! ;p --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 21:54, 25 July 2006 (CDT)
go make an account, even if it's just "I'm 14.19". esp. if your going to be doing in depth damage testing with other gw-ers. your IP is going to change, and then someone else will be you. forwarned: i'm very persistant in my nagging. --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 14:55, 27 July 2006 (CDT)
Lol stop scaring the poor guy :p — Skuld 17:41, 27 July 2006 (CDT)

OMG you again![edit source]

get an account! takes 3 seconds. but if you do get IAS working, i'd be happy. i can do light wikicode, but that autoreplace template stuff makes my poor head spin. --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 12:53, 26 July 2006 (CDT)

feel free to mess with User:Honorable_Sarah/IAS_skills_quick_reference, btw. --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 12:55, 26 July 2006 (CDT)

Make an Account[edit source]

You know you need an account when I can actually notice your freaking IP ADDRESS!! --Vindexus 18:37, 27 July 2006 (CDT)

notice? you are affecting my work! i went to ping a client network and typed in instead of the actual address of the clients router! --Honorable Sarah Honorable Icon.gif 13:04, 28 July 2006 (CDT)

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