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A Hopping Vampire, one of two types of Vampires that can be found in Urgoz's Warren

Vampires are a group of kamikaze creatures that lurk in the first areas of Urgoz's Warren. They will chase their victims around until they catch them, then suicide. This results in the victim being totally drained of either energy or health, depending on the sub-type of the attacker. Their ambush can be devastating to an unwary party.

It is important for a party to dispatch vampires from a distance. Their low level makes this easier to do before party members fall victim to them. Vampires use no other skills and do not attack, so avoiding getting into adjacent range with them is paramount.

Items Dropped[edit | edit source]

Vampiric Fang

Known Sub-Types[edit | edit source]

Location Sub-Species Collectable Drop
Urgoz's Warren NA-icon-small.png10 Hopping Vampire
NA-icon-small.png10 Thought Stealer
Vampiric Fang