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Vine Seed Flower

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Vine Seed Flower

Vine Seed Flower[edit | edit source]

The Vine Seed Flower is a plant which sprouts mystical fast-growing seeds known as Vine Seeds. It is found within the Maguuma Jungle, and is used quite frequently throughout the Maguuma missions.

Vine Seed Flowers are first found in small, conical shrines, which are illuminated by a yellow glow. In the Bloodstone Fen mission, three flowers inside one of these shrines are protected by swarms of Moss Scarabs. When selected by a player, a Vine Seed can be plucked from the flower. Only one Vine Seed can be plucked fom a flower before the plant becomes barren. When a seed is dropped, a new flower sprouts which temporarily holds the dropped seed.

Location[edit | edit source]

The Vine Seed Flower can be found in the following missions: