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Wanted: Maximilian the Meticulous

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Maximilian the Meticulous
Wanted by SB.png
Shining Blade bounty
1,000 XP
250 Gold
3 War Supplies
1 Bonus
4 total
Maximilian the Meticulous map.jpg

Summary[edit | edit source]

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

"His attention to detail makes Maximilian the Meticulous particularly successful at hunting rebels. Many free Krytans have suffered and bled under Maximilian's persistent questioning. Allies of Kryta who travel to Nebo Terrace to put an end to Maximilian the Meticulous will receive the Queen's bounty of the deed."

If you have already completed The Battle for Lion's Arch:

"Re-create this bounty hunt from the War in Kryta! His attention to detail made Maximilian the Meticulous particularly successful at hunting rebels. Many free Krytans suffered and bled under Maximilian's persistent questioning, until the day he met his death at the hands of adventurers in the service of the Queen. Relive this classic scenario, and slay Maximilian once again to earn your royal reward!"

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Leave from Bergen Hot Springs into Nebo Terrace. Avoid the group of Skeleton Rangers by going around the left, which allows you to pick up your Shining Blade escort. When you see Caromi Tengu, let them fight the Gypsie Ettins for you before picking them off. From here, head northwest. The first group of White Mantle along the right mountain can be avoided, albeit cautiously. Maximilian's group consists of a random amount of White Mantle and Peacekeeper units. Maximilian has Resurrection Chant - combined with his Fast Casting, he is able to swiftly revive his allies. Defeating his group otherwise requires normal tactics.

Bug.png Bug! Rarely, Maximilian appears with fewer Peacekeeper units than normal. Even more rare, he will appear alone.
Bug.png Bug! Very rarely, no Shining Blade escort will appear.