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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

Warmarshal is the traditional title of the leader of the military province of Kourna, since the days of Warmarshal Turai Ossa. Since the time of Turai Ossa, all Warmarshals have been chosen from the Ossa clan, the method of succession is unknown, but appears to be hereditary. The Warmarshals took the leadership over from the Shattered Dynasties, but instead of taking over the title of a King they decided to stick to their military title.

These are some of the known Warmarshals:

No. Name Reign (DR) Remark
1 Turai Ossa 1062 - 1068 The very first Warmarshal, became leader of Kourna after he defeated Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai.
2 Kunai Ossa 1068 - ? Turai's son Kunai took over after his father stepped down to lead the Great Pilgrimage into the Crystal Desert.
? Varesh Ossa ? - 1275 The current, corrupted Warmarshal.