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Water Djinn Essence/Farming

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2009-10-19: Water Djinn Essences[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

Getting to Nick[edit | edit source]

Map to Nick's location in Turai

The least-combat path to Nick starts in Venta Cemetery and hugs the western wall as you head north. If you proceed cautiously, you can avoid combat. Otherwise, you might have to handle 2-3 encounters with the local denizens (easily won or avoided with any team that was able to farm for essences).

Farming for Water Djinn Essences[edit | edit source]

Fahranur: 3 Djinni + Boss
  • Suggested Farm #1: From either Jokanur or Blacktide, head towards the center of Fahranur. The djinni boss and 3 guards are located in the main hall, roughly in the same place as the Jokanur mission boss. To reach the farm, you have to pass through L10–15 plants and the occasional insect. The team should find approximately 1 essence per run.
Turai's Procession: 2+ Djinni at each spot
  • Suggested Farm #2: From Gate of Desolation, head south towards either/both of two dead-end areas (marked in yellow on second map). Both spots have 2 djinni and a boss and are blocked by Kournans. It's faster to skip one of the groups if the Kournans present any serious resistance. The team should find approximately 1 essence per run. (Stronger parties can continue east to find an additional 10 or so djinni, increasing the time needed modestly for an extra 1-2 essences/run/party.)
  • Suggested Farm #3: Take the quest War Preparations (Wind and Water), do not accept the blessing of wind and water, and repeatedly farm the water djinn there. If you do not have a low-level Nightfall character, it should be easy to run one to this point in the primary quests/missions on Istan, or farm with someone who has the quest.

Threats & Recommended Skills[edit | edit source]

  • Tactics: Traveling to the farm turns out to take more time than dispatching the djinni themselves. In Fahranur, a few speed boosts plus some anti-hex skills should allow you to ignore the foes.

In Turai, any well-balanced team can knock off the Kournans quickly; offensively adept team should spike the scribe first (to prevent nuking) and others should start with the priest. Any team that can handle the Kournans should be able to manage the essence farm. The djinni can spawn with a Maelstrom-casting boss; keep moving to avoid its effects.

  • Threats: (included in Tactics)
  • Recommended Skills: Any anti-melee skills work fine against the djinni. In Fahranur, take running skills to reach the farm (and hex removal if you can). In Turai, a couple of anti-caster skills are useful to take out the scribe and the boss with the djinni (e.g. interrupts, Backfire, etc.)

Solo Farming[edit | edit source]

Concentrate on skills that help you reach the boss room with lots of health: running, regeneration, and hex-removal.

Concentrate on skills to kill the Kournans: anti-melee, damage reduction, and some counters to degeneration.

  • Most general solo builds will do fine.