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Water Magic skills (Core)

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Quest-medium.png This skill may be earned from a quest. See skill information for details.

Overcast.png This skill causes Exhaustion.

Energy.png Energy requirement

Activation.png Activation time

Recharge.png Recharge time

Water Magic

Blurred Vision.jpg Blurred Vision Hex Spell. For 4...9...10 seconds, target foe and adjacent foes are hexed with Blurred Vision. While hexed, those foes have a 50% chance to miss with attacks.
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 12 Recharge.png
Conjure Frost.jpg Conjure Frost Enchantment Spell. For 60 seconds, if you're wielding a cold weapon, your attacks strike for an additional 5...17...20 cold damage.
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 45 Recharge.png
Core   Can be obtained through a quest
Deep Freeze.jpg Deep Freeze Hex Spell. You cause a Deep Freeze at target foe's location. All foes in this area are struck for 10...70...85 cold damage, and for 10 seconds, they move 66% slower.
    25 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 15 Recharge.png
Core   Can be obtained through a quest
Ice Spear.jpg Ice Spear Enchantment Spell. Send out an Ice Spear, striking target foe for 10...50...60 cold damage if it hits. If you are Overcast, you gain +1...3...4 Health regeneration for 5 seconds.
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png  
Core   Can be obtained through a quest
Ice Spikes.jpg Ice Spikes Hex Spell. Target and adjacent foes are struck for 20...68...80 cold damage and move 66% slower for 2...5...6 seconds.
    15 Energy.png 1½ Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
Core   Can be obtained through a quest
Maelstrom.jpg Maelstrom Spell. Create a Maelstrom at target foe's location. For 10 seconds, foes adjacent to that area are struck for 10...22...25 cold damage each second. Maelstrom interrupts spell-casting when it hits.
10 Overcast.png 25 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Mind Freeze.jpg Mind Freeze Elite Hex Spell. Target foe takes 10...50...60 cold damage. If you have more Energy than target foe, that foe suffers an additional 10...50...60 cold damage and moves 90% slower for 1...4...5 seconds.
5 Overcast.png 5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
Rust.jpg Rust Hex Spell. Deals 10...58...70 cold damage to target and adjacent foes. For 5...17...20 seconds, target foe and all adjacent foes take twice as long to activate signets. If you are Overcast, foes struck with Rust have their signets interrupted and disabled for 1...8...10 seconds.
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
Water Attunement.jpg Water Attunement Enchantment Spell. For 36...55...60 seconds, you are attuned to Water. You gain 1 Energy plus 30% of the base Energy cost of the skill each time you use Water Magic.
    10 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 30 Recharge.png
Core   Can be obtained through a quest