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Witness Casori

Species: Human
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 15


Witness Casori is a White Mantle Savant who briefs you on the Gates of Kryta mission.

Quests Involved In



"Welcome Pilgrims. You must be tired after your long journey. What can I tell you about our fair land?"

Why does everyone seem so excited to see me?

"This is an historic day. It's been over two years since anyone from Ascalon has set foot in Kryta. Saul D'Alessio would have liked to have been here for this day.

Really? Since before the Searing then?

"You see back then, the three human kingdoms, Ascalon, Kryta, and Orr, were at war. We were so caught up in fighting each other that we all failed to notice the Charr amassing in the wasted north."

I know. I was there.

"When the invasion finally came, the human kingdoms were too depleted to mount an effective defense against the beasts. In this ensuing fight, Ascalon was all but wiped out. The kingdom of Orr disappeared in a brilliant flash of light and a billowing cloud of smoke, consumed by powerful black magic that to this day has yet to be fully explained. Kryta suffered quite a different fate. Faced with overwhelming odds and terrible ferocity, we turned to faith and a man named Saul D'Alessio."

Saul D'Alessio?

"Saul taught us all to believe in ourselves and in the unseen powers that guide the universe. He was a great man. When the Charr invaded, the royal family turned tail and ran. It was Saul's inspiration and guidance that formed the White Mantle, and as a collective force we were able to push back the invading Charr.
Kryta has never been more prosperous than it is now with the White Mantle. But enough of my history lesson. You must be anxious to start your new life here in Kryta.

What must I do?

"Down the road to the southwest you'll find the gates to Lion's Arch. Talk to Justiciar Hablion. He'll be able to help you get accommodations and anything else you need."

Thanks for your help.

"No problem. Hey, if you like living in Kryta, perhaps you'll even get a chance to join the White Mantle."
  • If your character is not from Prophecies:
"It was here that the refugees reached the lands of Kryta, the first Ascalons to come to Kryta since the searing. When the three Kingodoms of Orr, Kryta, and Ascalon were attacked by the Charr only Kryta managed to defeat the Charr and drive them entirely from there lands under the leadership of Saul D'Alessio and his followers, the White Mantle, who believed in new "unseen" Gods. If you choose to enter this mission, you will see the refugees from Ascalon arrive in the lands of Kryta and witness there meeting with Justiciar Halbion, a leader of the White Mantle."
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