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Tyrian writing systems[edit | edit source]

Throughout the lands of Tyria, there are letters of various kinds used in road signs, statutes, banners, or other surfaces. One alphabet, resembling runic alphabets and phoenician alphabet, can often be transliterated into English.

Canthan writing systems[edit | edit source]

Writing which resembles chinese characters can be seen in Cantha. Most of the writing appears to be meaningless, however a horizontally flipped form of "nui" (ox) and a sideways form of "ri" (sun)" can be seen on some of the banners in Kaineng Center, as can the Kanji character for the number 10 and the Kanji character "kou", which literally means "mouth", but is also a component of the Kanji writings of the words "entrance" and "exit".

Elonian writing systems[edit | edit source]

Writing resembling Arabic and Hebrew script, as well as the various Sanskrit scripts, can be found in Istan, Kourna, Vabbi and the Realm of Torment. Writing in a second script, which appears to be egyptian hieroglyphs, can be found on the sails of the "swan ships" in Istan and Kourna. Another script can be found on Kournan signs. It is currently not known if any Elonian writing can be transliterated.

Other writing systems[edit | edit source]

Another type of writing can be found on the monoliths in the temple in the Underworld.