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''4<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Jink|Jink]]<br>
''4<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Jink|Jink]]<br>
''8<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Titania La Fey|Titania La Fey]]<br>
''8<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Titania La Fey|Titania La Fey]]<br>
''12<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Mauirixxx]]<br>
''15<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Warwick the Second|James]], [[User:Scythe|Scythe]]<br>
''15<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Warwick the Second|James]], [[User:Scythe|Scythe]]<br>
''18<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Shadowcrest|Shadowcrest]]<br>
''18<sup>th</sup>'' [[User:Shadowcrest|Shadowcrest]]<br>

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Please post your birthday here. Make sure to include your username so that we can send you a Happy Birthday message :)
Only include the month and the date. Only registered user accounts should put their birthdays on. Please don't sign your comments with ~~~~.
Click the section edit link to edit that month, and use the following format:

''Date number<sup>(st, nd, rd, th)</sup>'' [[User:Username|Username]]<br>



12th Felix's sister
28th Jorre22225
29th Meemu91


4th Ariyen
5th RoseOfKali
7th Majstk Knight
14th Gigathrash
16th Toolbooth Death
17th Teknikaali
30th R.Phalange


4th Jink
8th Titania La Fey
12th User:Mauirixxx
15th James, Scythe
18th Shadowcrest
21st Shido
24th MiniKold
27th Qing Guang


1st JediRogue
9th moparmyk440
13th ShadyGuy
14th Shark
18th Lazuli
26th Bikeboy854
27th Gentle Is Insane
29th Flowenol


4th Gimmethegepgun, Paradoxical Ambiance
10th Isk8, Kirbman
11th Progger
15th Shadowphoenix, Ipo
16th Wizardboy777
19th Xanthianx
21th Himoto
22nd Myko Ducor
23rd The Falling One
23rd Noggieca
29th EStiles
30th Warwick, InStars


3rd Cress Arvein
8th Felix Omni
9th Arnout aka The Emperors Angel
16th Ruricu
18th MP47
25th Jioruji Derako
29th ComradeSanders, Roland Cyerni, Wynthyst


6th Venom20
9th Neoezekiel, Noman
20th Robadob, Gregor Johann Mendel, Genprey
22nd Callisto Von Drake
25th Scythealltheway, Genofreek


4th Kurtan
8th Lukyboy
9th King Neoterikos
12th Merty
13th Killer228
19th SkulBlaka
21st Kaede
27th Vipermagi


3rd Meraida
9th King Lumber, PossessedLinebeck
11th Bottle130
14th El_Nazgir
20th Emblemsage
23rd mrguildboi, Rotfl Mao, Chibi Moon Shadow
27th Zyber
28th RavynousHunter


1st Renai Mu
2st Toaster Goes Para

5th Toraen
13th The bunny, PanSola (wikibirthday)
16th Alc
19th Dawn Skyfall
26th Dr ishmael
29th Raj4h


13th XT-8147
17th Shadowlance
20th Dosearius
23rd CorrectJeans
25th Entrea Sumatae
30th Fire Drake


2nd Randomtime
4th Nathan Evergreen
7th Glenn
20th Silver
28th Xunlai Shadow Agent
28th Akbaroth
29th Alatar the Red
30th Blue
31st Omanhunter, Miss Sarah Lauren


The Template:User birthday/today depends on this page and the format for the entries.